shop used forkliftsCleveland Forklift has a huge inventory of used and refurbished lift trucks!

The advantage of buying a pre-owned forklift is the low up-front cost. It’s much less expensive to buy a used machine vs. buying new. But buying a used forklift only makes sense if you shop with a reputable seller like Cleveland Forklift. Because there is a big difference between a cheap deal and a good deal.

Smart Shop Used Forklifts

There are some important considerations to weigh when shopping for a used lift truck. In fact, we believe there are four major factors. In order, those factors are:

– the variety of inventory, so you get the exact forklift you need for your job;

– the qualifications of the mechanics doing the refurbishing and maintenance review;

– the reputation of the seller; and

– the price.

(Yep, price is fourth in that list. Because buying the cheapest used forklift you can find right now can cost you thousands of dollars in repair costs and lost labor time later.)


Why Cleveland Forklift for a Used Lift Truck

Cleveland Forklift has a warehouse full of used forklifts from which to choose. (A website full of them, too!) So it’s likely we will have the forklift you need for your intended use.

Cleveland Forklift has a full-time staff of expert mechanics on-site who evaluate, repair and fully-refurbish every lift truck we buy or accept in trade.

Cleveland Forklift has great reputation. The parent company, Martin Industrial Truck, has been in business for 20+ years and has earned its status.

And of course, Cleveland Forklift offers its used inventory at a great low price.

A Large Inventory of Used Forklifts in Northeast Ohio

Cleveland Forklift has at least 50+ used forklifts in stock at all times. Often many more than that! Whether you need a small or large capacity lift, a unit that runs on electricity, LP gas or diesel, or a specific type of attachment, we have the variety and options to suit your needs.

Want to talk about used forklifts? Have a question about our company? We’d love to chat. Give us a call at (216) 362-8500 or send us an email.