Forklift stopped running? That’s costing you money. Get it fixed — fast.

Martin Industrial Truck knows your equipment is critical to your business. So we do repair jobs quickly, correctly, and at an affordable price. All brands, all makes, all models of forklifts. (216) 362-8500 puts you in touch with our repair pros.

MIT Cleveland Repair Van

On-Site Forklift Repair Service

The professionally-trained mechanics from Martin Industrial Truck will come to your location to quickly perform on-site repair services: hose and clamp repairs, tire problems, starter or electrical issues, fuel leaks, battery replacements, etc. Using our fleet of fully-outfitted repair vans, we bring the tools and parts necessary to get your forklift up and running again, quick and easy. We service Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Sandusky and surrounding cities in Northern Ohio.

Cleveland Forklift Repair Shop

Some jobs require a major repair or rebuild of a part or system: transmission repairs, engine repairs, mast repairs, steer axle adjustments, drive motor replacements, battery balancing and testing, more. So let’s get your forklift into our fully-outfitted maintenance facility. We’ll get your lift truck torn down quickly. Then we’ll rebuild, repair or replace any and all of the parts causing the issue.

Our goal is to get your forklift back to you fast, in fully working order.

But if we find your forklift is too far gone to repair cost-effectively, we’ll tell you that, too — and we’ll outline some options on a replacement forklift that will meet your budget.

Regularly-Scheduled Forklift Maintenance Service

Want to keep your company’s forklift down-time to a minimum? Head off major repairs? Martin Industrial Truck will come to your location at regular intervals for inspections and standard maintenance at a fair price! It’s a smart way to keep your forklift fleet in tip-top shape…

Martin Industrial Truck: The Repair Experts

Find out more about Cleveland area repair services from Martin Industrial Truck — or schedule service with us now!

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