Forklift Parts Shop NowWhen a part on your forklift fails, you need to get the right replacement part quickly and at a fair price.

Cleveland Forklift is here to help you with your parts shopping!


New, Used, and Fully Refurbished Forklift Parts

When your forklift is down and you need a part to fix it fast, there are a couple ways you can go.

Sometimes a brand-new OEM part is the best solution, especially on a newer machine.

Or a new part from an aftermarket manufacturer might be worth considering, as the specs are often exactly the same as the OEM part but priced at a discount.

And in many cases, a used or refurbished part will do the trick — and save you a LOT of money on the total cost of the repair, too.

Cleveland Forklift has tens of thousands of new, used and fully-refurbished forklift parts in stock. Shelf after shelf of OEM and aftermarket parts fill our warehouse, waiting for an order so the delivery guy can take them to a mechanic in need. And we have more parts coming in all the time!


Shop Parts by Stock Number — or Just Tell Us What You Need

Shop for Forklift PartsDon’t know the exact part number you need? No problem! We’ll hunt it down for you.

You can shop for parts on our website as a starting point. The site has new and used parts listed by manufacturer, type, stock number, etc.

But if the site doesn’t show you the exact part you need — or if you’re not sure what you need! — just give our Parts Department a call at (216) 362-8500 or email

Tell us the manufacturer of your forklift, the model number of the forklift, and the part you are looking to replace. Then with a quick search and reply, we’ll tell you the available new and used parts that Cleveland Forklift has ready for immediate shipment!

Cleveland Forklift is happy to help you identify, find and get the part you need. It’s our mission to help you get your forklift fixed and back up-and-running asap!