Roll Clamp Forklift AttachmentA forklift works best when it has the right attachment for the job.

Cleveland Forklift has all kinds of attachments, from basic forks to highly specialized clamps, hooks and handlers.

New, Used, Refurbished Forklift Attachments

Specific attachments are required to properly handle different types of packaging and materials.

We offer the full range of specialty forklift attachment capabilities and capacities: side shifters, roll prongs, rotating clamps, paper roll clamps, push/pull slip sheeters, fork spreaders, box clamps, single-double pallet handlers, fork positioners, carton clamps, tire clamps, man baskets, extended forks, pallet hooks and more.

Available from all the major manufacturers. Cascade. Waldon. Right-Line. Long Reach. Cam. Brudi. Bolzoni. Auramo.

New forklift attachments. Used forklift attachments. Fully-refurbished forklift attachments.

Don’t See the Forklift Attachment You Need?

Tire Clamp Forklift AttachmentOur forklift attachment inventory is constantly changing. So if you don’t see the exact attachment you need while shopping our website, let us help you get it! We belong to a network of wholesalers and we can quickly find the new or used attachment you need. Just give us a call at (216) 362-8500. Or send us an email. We’re all about customer service, expert knowledge and competitive pricing!


We Buy Forklift Attachments

Have a forklift attachment taking up warehouse space? Want to trade-in the attachment you have for another one? Give us a call at today! We’re always on the lookout to add to our attachment inventory. (216) 362-8500 or send us an email.